How your donations are spent

All statistics started on April 4, 2012 when I took over the operation of Mail-to-Jail.

Total amount of cash funds (as of 10/4/2012): $243.06

Letters mailed: 106
Postage on hand (I sometimes use a stamp for my own personal use and credit the cash funds for the exact amount of postage):
262 First Class Forever Stamps
189 .29 cent stamps (old postcard rate)
20 .20 cent stamps (for additional ounces @ First Class letter rate)

Postage used: $56.45
Pages Printed: 266
Large Envelopes used: 3

Web hosting: $5.50/month.

It costs me 50 cents to mail a 1 page letter (45 cents postage, 1 cent for paper, 1 cent for laser toner per printed page, 3 cents for an envelope, or 50 cents for a large envelope for lengthy letters). Credit card fees from our merchant account are about 2.50%

Total Dwolla donations: $29.61
Total Bitcoins donated: 25.76
Funds received from Bitcoin sales: $157.70
Total Precious Metal Donations: 40 cents face value of 90% silver, 1/10 oz .999
Total Cash donations: $94.00

Purchased items:
500 self-seal security envelopes for $10.77
(20) 20 cent stamps for $4.00

Future planned inventory purchases:
Cheaper clasp envelopes for mailing large letters