When freedom activists go to jail, they do it standing up for everyone's natural rights. Please don't let them be forgotten! Send them letters, tell them how their actions affected you, update them on what's happening outside prison, keep them company, thank them, support them!

Mail-to-Jail is a free donation-supported service for non-violent activists who are currently incarcerated for one or more victimless crimes. When you send a letter via this website, we pay for postage and mail it to whatever jail they are being held in.

If you wish to send a letter using M2J, please register for a user account.

Flooding the jail with letters will send a message to the jailers that there is a huge number of us who aren't happy about the existence of victimless crimes, and it will simultaneously send cheer and hope to the activist who has been unjustly imprisoned.

And sometimes jail employees mistreat prisoners. The more public attention a prisoner is getting, the less likely he/she is to be maltreated (above and beyond locking them up). When the jailers know that many people are closely watching what happens to the prisoner, they're more careful with that prisoner. Letters to the prisoner and phone calls to the jail inquiring about the prisoner's well-being are easy, powerful ways to make sure that happens.

A letter from Beau Davis

May 29, 2012

Hey Mail-to-Jail users!

I just wanted to let you all know that I really appreciated all those who took the liberty to write me while mine was ever so limited. Tomorrow, May 30th, 2012 I'll be released from the Cheshire County House of Corrections, happy to announce, as I'm sure you've predicted, that I remain uncorrected.

You can now add funds to commissary accounts!

Just click on the individual activist's page and you'll be able to donate to a specific BitCoin address and Dwolla link. We'll make sure the money is placed in their account, minus any fees incurred. Any funds left over after their stay in the spiritual retreat will be theirs to keep.

Jail employees are censoring prisoner letters

It was brought to our attention yesterday that at least 3 of the letters that we have sent to Wes on your behalf were rejected by the employees of Valley Street jail in Manchester, New Hampshire, because they were "sent by third party." This news comes from a liberty activist who got this information straight from Wes while visiting him in jail (apparently the prison employees told Wes that they were rejecting 3 of his letters).

New domain option!

Thanks to Will Buchanan for purchasing the mailtojail.com domain, hosting it, and having it forward to this site! You can see here that we tried to obtain this domain originally, but had to settle for mail-to-jail.com (with the hyphens). He did this using his own money and time, without letting us know what he was doing, and it's greatly appreciated.

You can now get here with the slightly easier MailToJail.com domain. :)

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